Ballot Production

Ballot Production

Security. Speed. Accuracy. Quality.

Over the past 30 years, Plerus has successfully produced millions of ballots for all of the major voting systems that are in use today across the nation.  Our ballot production method gives us the ability to meet jurisdiction-specific requirements without sacrificing speed or cost.  We are one of the few ballot printers nation-wide that is using high-speed, roll-fed digital printing presses and quality-assured, automated finishing.

Plerus combines both technology and human
review to ensure quality and accuracy:

Automated sensor systems that ensure data accuracy and print quality 

Dedicated, experienced, quality-assurance team that continuously monitors ballot quality and shipment accuracy

We support clients in multiple states and we understand and comply with the various state-mandated production standards, election laws, and requirements.
We can handle your custom needs:
Perforated Ballot Stubs
Perforated Ballot Stubs
Additional Color and Color Coding
Multiple Colors and/or color coding
2d Barcode 3 of 9 Barcode Custom Text
Bar coding, Numbering, and Custom Data

We are intimately familiar with the voting equipment in use across the United States and our ballots conform to the respective specifications.  

Election Mail

Election Mailing

Plerus is an expert in Official Election Mail and has the technology to ensure high-integrity, trackable, intelligent mail to support elections. Absentee or Mail-in Ballots, Voter ID Cards, Voter Informational Mailings and more – we can help your office get these items produced and mailed.

Highest Integrity

We leave nothing to chance – our equipment has camera sensors to ensure a match between ballot, return envelope, and voter mailing address – every time.  We have the capability to print unique voter-related certification/oath data on the return envelope as well.

Tracking Services

Track the ballot to the voter and back to your office.  Arm yourself with the best information.

Postage Cost Savings

Tremendous cost savings are possible through presort and bar coding.  The more mail that you send the more the cost-savings add up.  It is not uncommon for our clients to save $10,000+ on postage by working with Plerus in a single election.

Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb)

Barcoding enables USPS to process the mail quickly and accurately.  We don’t recommend clients send ballots without IMbs, as the likelihood of USPS processing errors on unbarcoded mail are high.


We can deliver the mail/absentee ballots to a local USPS Sectional Center Facility (Processing & Distribution Center) on your behalf.  Or we can mail out of our region which is centrally located in the US.

Design Services

Need help designing your envelopes or other mail pieces?  We can help ensure you get envelopes that perform well, communicate clear instructions to your voters, and meet USPS requirements.

Fulfillment Warehouse


Plerus can provide a full service fulfillment solution to meet your needs.  Let us produce, warehouse and ship your specific items on demand. Our secure online portal makes this possible.

Secure online portal enables ordering of custom items – items that are specific to your jurisdiction via an easy-to-use online interface.

Multiple users can be enabled for your portal and approval authority can be established, enabling members of your team to do purchasing – but only with approval granted from the person designated.

Easy checkout, shipping notifications and tracking.

Screen TruPressJet 520

Commercial Print & Mail

  • High-speed digital inkjet
  • Conventional offset printing
  • Direct mail services

Learn more about our commercial print & mail services here.