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Plerus [Latin.] adj. 1. the majority 


Plerus is a veteran-owned, trusted election services company that provides ballot production and absentee/mail-in fulfillment services to governments, supporting over 3.5 million registered voters across the nation.

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We understand the unrelenting pressure that our customers face as elected or appointed officials and we deliver on our promise to support them with the best quality and level of service possible.

In particular, we have printed and mailed millions of ballots for the major voting systems and are familiar with the respective ballot requirements and how the systems operate.  We have invested in high-speed ballot production as well as mailing systems of the highest integrity which support our goal of flawless execution for our clients – every election.

We appreciate your consideration of Plerus as a partner to support your elections.  We would love to learn more about your particular election needs to determine how we could support you.


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